About Us

In April 2014, a fire destroyed 1100 West Gonzales Road, the former headquarters of Rose Avenue medical group.  There were no casualties, but the building was rendered uninhabitable and the practice found its office and equipment reduced to ashes overnight.

Although it was a devastating blow, the staff of Rose Avenue remained committed to providing much-needed healthcare to the Oxnard community.  Within days, doctors, nurse, and support staff established a temporary office at St. John’s regional medical center.  Even before exam tables, computers, or landline telephones were in place, doctors and support staff were treating patients as best they could, realizing that the needs of the community outweighed their own own misfortune.  Although the first few weeks were stressful and chaotic, the Rose Avenue team continued to provide compassionate, responsive medical care to those in need as they rebuilt their practice from the ground up.

After over a year at their temporary headquarters, Rose Avenue Medical moved into a new permanent space at 451 W. Gonzales Avenue, just a few blocks away from the former fire-destroyed building.  They are pleased to currently be operating in a modern, convenient space centrally located to the surrounding community.  Although the fire was a terrible misfortune, its aftermath demonstrated that the true value of a medical office lies in people, not its equipment.  The practice has fully rebounded and continues to offer Ventura County residents the same high-quality care they have always provided.